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After years of FRUSTRATION  in dealing with ineffective, non-durable fitness gloves, we decided to create a more advanced, sturdy line of the product.

Handlz Gloves do far more than just protect your hands.

The adhesive, rubber material on the palms provides the most unique feature in that it allows athletes to maintain maximum control & grip over the weights and encourages them to complete those last few reps in which they often sacrifice during exercises, because their hands are fatigued and no longer have the strength to hold onto the weights.


You see, Handlz are literally HIGH PERFORMANCE workout gloves, allowing gym goers to get the most out of their workouts and overall see better results.

The materials on the outside of the gloves compliment the performance as well.

The light, dry-fit, elastic backings of the gloves provide a snug, custom like fit on the hands and are so breathable that your hands won’t sweat inside of them.

The extra velcro around the wrists provides an extra measure of wrist support too.

Thank you for your time!


Size Guide

Sizing Guide (Inches)

Size Womens Mens
X-Small 5-5.5" --
Small 5.5-7.75" 7.5-8.25"
Medium 7.75-9.5" 8.25-9"
Large -- 9-9.75"