About Us

After years of frustration in dealing with ineffective, non-durable fitness gloves, we decided to create a more advanced line of the product. 

Handlz Gloves do far more than just protect your hands. 

Our maximum palm grip design provides maximum control while lifting weights or working out at the gym. When your hands get fatigued and no longer have the strength to hold onto the weights, Handlz Gloves help you finish those last few reps. 

Handlz are high performance workout gloves, allowing gym goers to get the most out of their workouts and see better results overall. 

Did we mention that Handlz Gloves are also Vegan friendly? That's right, our gloves are 100% cruelty free. Staying in shape doesn’t require harming any animals. That’s why Handlz Gloves is one of the few fitness gloves companies to replace genuine leather with polyester substitutes.

We are revolutionizing the industry by introducing new, innovative products to people of all fitness levels. 




Size Guide

Sizing Guide (Inches)

Size Womens Mens
X-Small 5-5.5" --
Small 5.5-7.75" 7.5-8.25"
Medium 7.75-9.5" 8.25-9"
Large -- 9-9.75"