Simple vs Complex Carbs

October 31, 2017

Are carbs ok? Which carbs can I have? How much? When? How frequent? There's so many myths & misconceptions when it comes to carbs and when/if to eat them. First off, carbs are an important part of your daily fuel. If you are active/working out you most definitely need a regular source of complex carbs. Something that has worked for me and hundreds of my clients is the simple fact of staying away from simple carbs and focusing on consuming complex carbs at the correct timing for your goals. Sounds easy enough right?   
Here's a few complex carbs I enjoy: Aim for whole grains, brown rice, wheat bread, quinoa, beans, whole wheat oatmeal, sweet potatoe, yams. There are definitely others but those are some of my favorites.

When trying to loose body fat I aim to eat most of my complex carbs in my pre and post workout meals, allowing my body to maximize its fuel and use it surrounding my most active time of day. Focusing on approx 4-8 oz of something above alongside a protein and veggie.

On less active days try and avoid consuming unnecessary complex carbs and focus mainly on consuming protein and veggies. Stick to these quick and easy switches and watch the results come in!
Remember, like anything worth while, results take time💯
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